Bakery And Bread CSA Coming To Crown Heights

Corn and Spelt Levain from BK17. Image: BK17

Prime carb-loading season (i.e. winter) may be over, but seasonally-driven sandwich season is really just beginning, right? So, we need all the bread we can get.

In that vein, a new bakery is coming to the Crown Heights-Prospect Heights border and it’s offering something a little different: a bread CSA.

DNAinfo shared the news today that BK17, a shop run by self-taught baker Sarah Owens, will launch a community-supported bakery program wherein locals will invest a certain amount of money and be invited to pick up one loaf of bread a week.

What will customers get? Mostly “European-style crusty loaves” made from local and seasonal ingredients minus commercial yeast. Think “rustic.” If you’d like a sample before going all-in, Owens’ bread is currently available at Bklyn Larder, through the Greenwood Heights CSA and at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pop into BK17 all willy-nilly since it will function as a relatively private bakery, but Owens did mention that she plans to hold pop-up dinners and classes when she can, clearly taking the idea of community very, very seriously.

BK17 will be located at 721 Franklin Avenue near Park Place. To learn more about the bakery and take in some bread pornography, visit the shop online.

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