New Food Trucks Arrive Today In Downtown Brooklyn

New Food Trucks Open Today In Downtown Brooklyn
The Wafels and Dinges food truck.

What’s that thing we said about the death of the food truck? Oh, right, well, just erase that from your brain for a second and listen to some joyous news for those of us who work in DoBro: Starting today, they’ll be delicious food trucks in the ‘hood every Thursday throughout the month of July.

From 11am to 4pm, they’ll be a rotating selection of food trucks in Future Plaza (Gold St at Albee Square West), providing a total no-brainer for summer lunches. Today’s fare will come courtesy of Korilla BBQ, the Red Hook Lobster Truck, and for dessert, Wafels & Dinges. If all goes well (read: enough people show up!) the trucks might return elsewhere in Downtown Brooklyn for the rest of the summer. Anyone up for some Korean barbeque? (Yes, yes you are.)

Find out more about Food Truck Thursdays here.

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