Want to Rent De Blasio’s Park Slope House? It’ll Cost You. (A LOT)

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We consider ourselves pretty immune to sticker shock when it comes to real estate prices. After all, this is a borough where a million dollar-home doesn’t make you rich and a $5 million dollar home is aesthetically unimpressive and the most expensive apartment in Brooklyn? It’s also the ugliest apartment in Brooklyn. When it comes to Brooklyn real estate, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

So when we read in the New York Post that the de Blasios were going to be renting out their Park Slope house, the news that they would probably be able to get about $6,500/month for the 3-bedroom/1-bathroom 11th Street property was not all that impressive. Sure, it’s a lot of money! Especially when you consider that one realtor thinks that the home’s market value is only about $5,000/month, but that the de Blasios would get to “add on another $1,500 because he’s the mayor.” But, you know, whatever. This is Brooklyn. We all know how fucking terrible it is, don’t we? Yes.

However, there was one bit of information contained within the piece that did truly distress us. And it wasn’t even related to money! No, the one thing in the Post article that had us rolling our eyes so hard that we lost a contact lens (momentarily, but still) was this: “the house has an assessed value of $1.4 million, but… it could easily fetch nearly $1 million more than that if he ever wanted to sell because of soaring demand in Park Slope.” That’s INSANE. Homes with only one bathroom can fetch almost double their assessed value simply because they are in Park Slope? (And not, we might add, the more transportationally convenient or park-adjacent part of the Slope, but whatever.) According to one realtor, this is because Brooklyn has become “the center of the universe. We’re our own planet now, here in Brooklyn.”

A very, very expensive planet.

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  1. Rent it out?
    Maybe he should man up and let the homeless use it until he is out of office.
    Isn’t that what he wants everyone else to do?

    His motto is:
    “Do as I say and not do as I do”


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