Here’s What the Inside of a $5 Million Dollar Brooklyn Home Looks Like

Thats a lot of trophies.

  • That’s a lot of trophies.

Everyone loves real-estate porn. For a few reasons, really. Obviously, we all love getting to look inside other people’s homes and see how they really live. Or, at least, see how they want us to think that they really live, which can be just as revealing in its own way. The point is, we’re all voyeurs. And then, of course, we also like to judge other people for how they live. And who is more fun to judge than obscenely wealthy people? No one. So when the Wall Street Journal picked an almost $5 million Clinton Hill home for it’s “House of the Day” feature, I was super excited to see what decadence lay inside.

I mean, $5 million is a lot of money. What kind of crazy features lurked behind the perfectly respectable, mansard roofed exterior of this Vanderbilt Avenue converted carriage house? Was there an indoor pool, complete with a water slide? Was everything gold-plated? Even the refrigerator? Were the walls papered in hundred-dollar bills? DID THEY HAVE THEIR OWN WASHER AND DRYER? I couldn’t wait to see.


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