Everything We Know About The Company Replacing 3rd Ward

Everything We Know About The Company Replacing 3rd Ward

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been more than six months since 3rd Ward, one of Brooklyn’s favorite creative spaces, shut down rather suddenly, later citing financial trouble and failing to recoup members what they’d paid in fees. It was a bit …reBar-y? Or rather, reBar’s closure was vaguely 3rd Ward-ian.

Whatever the case, rumors almost immediately began flying that other businesses were eyeing the now-vacant, 30,000 square foot complex at 195 Morgan Avenue. And as of today, we have a name, a couple of faces and other important information about the business taking over the space via the Times.

Here’s everything we know:

A Manhattan-born startup looking to decamp to Brooklyn is taking over and they’re moving in very soon.

…crew of workers…are preparing for a new tenant, the online live video provider Livestream, a Manhattan-bred start-up with big plans to resurrect something of 3rd Ward’s spirit when it moves to Bushwick next week.

Here’s the very TED-ian way they hope to carry on 3rd Ward’s legacy:

The company plans to keep its building open seven days a week, host classes taught by former 3rd Ward teachers and eventually hold conferences, meet-ups and other events. And to boost the reach of every class and event, Max Haot, 36, Livestream’s founder, said everything will be, yes, live-streamed.

Um, Livestream’s founder, Max Haot, has a pretty unique living situation.

Mr. Haot has lived in a loft above Roberta’s, the acclaimed Bushwick pizza restaurant, since January.

And his employees are going to get a slamming meal every freaking morning.

[Haot] has struck a deal with Fitzcarraldo [3rd Ward’s still-operating in-house restaurant] to provide free breakfast and a healthy lunch bar to employees.

Livestream will soon be accepting resumes.

[Haot] plans to hire 10 more employees in the near future, in addition to the local teachers that Livestream will train to live-stream their own classes from its offices.

And we can officially say that manufacturing in Brooklyn is having a moment because even Livestream’s getting in on it.

Livestream…will also house a small light-manufacturing operation to produce 100 units a month of video-mixing boards that will help its customers cheaply live-stream events, a process that usually requires much more equipment, staffing and money — in the thousands of dollars.

Finally, is Bushwick the next tech hub?

Livestream appears to be the first technology company of its size in Bushwick, but Mr. Haot is confident that someday, all the warehouses surrounding his new building will house his peers.

So, there you have it. We’re going to tentatively say that we don’t hate this change and that we might even, dare we say, be cautiously optimistic. Let’s see how well they mesh with the community first, since that’s the greatest loss we suffered with the closure of 3rd Ward.

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