Mini-Manufacturer Coming To Crown Heights

A rendering of the new mini-manufacturer. Photo via Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center

Many artisans will tell you manufacturing a product locally ain’t easy. Small businesses that specialize in making a product often face problems with producing the amount needed to meet their moderate demand because they’re not at the point where they need to move production to China, but they can’t do it all by themselves either.

Slowly, but surely, the borough is working to meet the demands of successful small businesses. 

DNAinfo reports that an auto parts warehouse in Crown Heights will soon be converted into an artisanal manufacturer thanks to a $12 million grant from Bank of America and Enterprise Community Investment (don’t worry, they got “special tax credits” out of it).

Located at 1102 Atlantic Avenue, the Atlantic Avenue Industrial Center will house 14 micro-manufacturers including wood and metal workers and employ 54 workers, paying each a living wage.

Lots of talk about living wages today. Good to hear.

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