Manhattan’s Ace Hotel Eyeing Space In Downtown Brooklyn

The Ace Hotel Eyeing Space In Downtown Brooklyn
The lobby at the Ace Hotel’s Manhattan location. Image: Ace Hotel

Imagine a world where your visiting parents actually book a hotel in Downtown Brooklyn and forego staying in more parent-friendly locales like Newark and Manhattan.

Well, that pipe dream may soon become a reality, because yet another big name hotel is looking to join the Brooklyn hotel boom.

According to The Observer, GFI Capital Resources, a self-described “comprehensive real estate, finance, and insurance service,” is working to close a deal with the folks behind Ace Hotel, a luxury hotel chain with seven locations nationwide (for now). If all goes according to plan, an eighth location could open at the corner of Bond and Schmerhorn Streets.

This actually isn’t the worst thing that could happen to Downtown Brooklyn. We’ve been to the Ace Hotel (located on 29th Street near Broadway) and they have a pretty great set up. During the day, the hotel’s lobby and free wi-fi are available to the public and visitors can imbibe wine, cocktails, beer and Stumptown coffee from a centrally-located bar while hanging out. On top of that, the Manhattan location is the home of The Breslin, a restaurant from James Beard Award-winning chef April Bloomfield and modern Renaissance man Ken Friedman, and hosts several nightlife events throughout the month.

So, really, it’s more than just another hotel and if Downtown Brooklyn is to become the mecca of luxury living developers so desperately want it to be, they’re going to need something like the Ace Hotel to sweeten the deal.

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