Now Open: Gowanus Whole Foods’ 20,000 Square Foot Greenhouse

Now Open: Gowanus Whole Foods' 20,000 Square Foot Greenhouse
Image: NY Post

They may have hit a few snags along the way, but overall, Whole Foods Gowanus has been a welcome addition to the borough. They’re selling locally made products and have made a real commitment to be as green as possible. How green you ask? Green enough to open a massive rooftop greenhouse and farm.

According to DNAinfo, the Gowanus supermarket recently unveiled their 20,000 square foot greenhouse and have big plans for it. The greenhouse will function as a farm, employing 25 full-time employees, and will grow as much produce as a 9-acre farm every year. Once harvested, all that¬†greenery will be divided between the city’s ten Whole Foods stores. Our very own Whole Foods is going to¬†farm-to-table the crap out of this city.

But the indisputable highlight of this new feature is that the greenhouse farm will help Whole Foods Gowanus cut its energy costs dramatically, saving the store as much as $125,000 a year. The Gowanus Canal is probably flushed with embarrassment.

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