Whole Foods: Gowanus Gets a Crash Course in the New One-Stop Shopping

Photo by Austin McAllister

No. 5

Whole Foods

Gowanus Gets a Crash Course in the New One-Stop Shopping

It might seem a little strange that a borough full of some of the most worldly and jaded people on the planet could possibly get so worked up over the opening of a grocery store. But that’s exactly what happened when the Whole Foods in Gowanus opened up in December. The aisles were mobbed, both with customers who were super-excited to have a full-service grocery store in that part of Brooklyn and with those who were super-excited to mock the pseudo-suburban atmosphere and outrageous prices on twee items like Whole Foods-branded fanny packs or whatever.

Now that the commotion has settled down, can we all just agree that, while undoubtedly expensive, the new Whole Foods just so happens to be a really good grocery store that’s committed to sustainability (there’s a working farm on the roof!) and showcasing locally made products? Plus, there’s even a bunch of stuff that’s only available at the Gowanus Whole Foods. Here’s a look at our favorites, all of them either exclusive to Third and 3rd or made by small Brooklyn businesses. Or both!

Clockwise from top:
1. Brooklyn Sesame Halva Spread $14.99
2. Brooklyn Italian Marinara $9.99
3. Brooklyn Brine Co. Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pickles $8.99
4. Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup $13.49
5. Sweet Sam’s Marble Cake $5.99
6. Baked Vegan Vanilla Granola $5.99
7. White Moustache Beet yogurt $4.99
8. TumericALIVE Brooklyn Beet Elixir $5.99
9. Anarchy In a Jar Fig & Apple Chutney $7.99
10. Hu Crunchy Mint Chocolate Bar $7.99
11. Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins $4.99
12. Switchel $6.99
13. Evil Twin Brewing Even More Denmark $8.99


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