The Bean Will Open In Williamsburg This Thursday

The Bean opens on Thursday in Williamsburg
Image: Project Latte

About two months ago, we relayed the news that East Village mainstay The Bean was eyeing a space in Williamsburg. Given the coffee shop’s extremely affordable drinks and food, we admitted that their coming wasn’t the worst real estate news we’ve ever heard. (This may be, though.)

So, it’s nice to hear that after a two-month wait, the Williamsburg Bean is set to open this Thursday, April 24.

“Many people have asked us to open in this area, so we’re hoping we’re well received,” Bean co-owner Ike Escava told DNAinfo. “It does seem that the customer crosses over a lot, so that’s part of what gives us a comfort level about opening in Williamsburg.”

The Billyburg Bean will offer everything Manhattan’s outposts do, including plenty of vegan options, and even feature work from local artists, which Brooklyn has in spades. Escava says that by doing this, he hopes to give the new café “its own distinctive feel.” On top of that, the new Bean will buy our love offer $10 coupons with all purchases made between May 1 to May 4.

Brooklynites will find the new Bean just outside McCarren Park at 101 Bedford Avenue near North 12th Street.

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