Homeland Security Raided A Building in East Williamsburg

Homeland Security Raided A Building in East Williamsburg
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Sunday was a very eventful day for East Williamsburg. Between Sunday night and Monday morning, there was that massive dumpster fire outside the McKibbin Lofts and now Gothamist is reporting that early Sunday morning there was a joint Department of Homeland Security/NYPD raid less than a mile away.

According to Gothamist’s sourcesa DHS truck pulled up to 221 Devoe Street and agents bearing machine guns overran the building while a helicopter flew low overhead. Witnesses weren’t allowed to head down the street (obviously) and one said that an attending officer claimed there were “kilos of heroin” found in the home in question.

One witness, who watched from his apartment building across the street, said he was “utterly confused and frankly terrorized” when he opened his window and found a sniper gun pointed directly at him until said sniper realized he wasn’t a threat. Harrowing!

When Gothamist contacted the DHS they declined to comment on “an ongoing investigation,” but at least we know there is a lot less heroin on the already heroin-drenched streets of Brooklyn. Thank goodness.

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