Construction Begins On New Coney Island Thunderbolt Rollercoaster

Construction Begins On New Coney Island Thunderbolt Rollercoaster
Image: NYC Economic Development Corp.

Last November, we shared the first video rendering of the new Thunderbolt rollercoaster at Coney Island and now Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the project is officially underway.

Yesterday, Coney Island dignitaries gathered at the site of the new rollercoaster to officially break ground. The thrill ride is the successor of the original rickety wooden Thunderbolt rollercoaster, which operated from 1925 until arson destroyed it in 1982. Still, the thing stood there until 2000 when former Mayor Giuliani snuck over to Coney Island by cover of night and had it ripped down amid much controversy.

Thunderbolt II (as we’ll call it from here on out) will be markedly different from its predecessor. (1) It will be completely made out of steel. (2) It won’t be built above a hotel as Thunderbolt I was. And finally, the 11 story, nearly half-mile long Thunderbolt II will feature a 10-story loop, making it the first upside down loop to grace Coney Island since the Loop-the-Loop closed in 1910. The whole thrill ride will take about 2 minutes to complete.

If all goes according to plan, Thunderbolt II should be open and fully operational by May 22 when Coney Island opens to the public for the summer season. Watch the video rendering of the new coaster below:

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