An Outdoor Food Market Might Be Coming to DUMBO In May

An Outdoor Food Market Might Be Coming to DUMBO In May
DUMBO, Brooklyn: officially no longer a food desert.

Right around the time DUMBO is slated to get its first Shake Shack, which in the future will probably become a requirement for any New York neighborhood deemed suitable for human life, it also might be the new home of an outdoor food market at Pearl Plaza under the Manhattan Bridge Archway. Looks like we’ll soon be due for an update on this roundup of the ten best lunch options in the ‘hood, which was once called a “food desert.” Sure.

The DUMBO Business Improvement District has announced that they’re looking for a partner that can manage up to 40 food and beverage vendors in Pearl Plaza. Are you this person? Submit your proposal by March 7. Do it! Do it now!

BID director Alexandria Sica tells DNAinfo: “This is going to be a major neighborhood amenity. A place for our creatives to grab a bite, take a sip and collaborate. A place for DUMBOnians to meet friends and families to sit around the picnic table. The Archway is an epic spot. It’s cool in the summer and it’s protected from the rain.”

Someone please make this happen, like, yesterday!


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