Brooklyn First Dates That Will (Probably) Help You Find Love

Point Break Live at Littlefield
Provided you’re both coming from the same frame of reference—one that involves a good deal of Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze—Littlefield’s live, highly participatory version of Point Break is one hell of a time, and one that makes it impossible for either you or your date to take things too seriously. (Their website warns,”You will get wet, you will be robbed at gunpoint, you will be spattered with fake blood and possibly even thrown on the floor by the belligerent bank robbers or molested by over-sexed surfers, you might even get hit with a meatball sandwich.” Worth keeping in mind). There are upcoming shows on the 13th (though the day before Valentine’s day is risky, we’d say), and again on March 6th. Failing that, Wyatt Cenac’s Monday Night Train shows are a reliably wonderful time for everyone involved.
622 Degraw St.


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