Brooklyn First Dates That Will (Probably) Help You Find Love

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Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus

Winter can be a tough time of year for dating, insofar as a lot of classic options—walks in the park, boppin’ down to Coney—are off the table. It’s just harder to be spontaneous when even moving from one location to another can be an unpleasant gauntlet! But if you don’t already have someone lined up with whom you can hole up and order takeout for the rest of the winter, you’re not exactly doomed for the next three months. There’s plenty of romantic (but not too romantic, it’s a first date after all) fun to be had indoors, away from the three foot slush puddles and wintry mix.
So, keeping in mind the highly specific needs of first dates—the ability to escape at the drop of a hat, the presence of activities or easy conversation-starters—we’ve got a few ideas.


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