When He Lived In Williamsburg, Bill Murray Was An Exceptional Neighbor

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Normally, the obsessive chronicling of Bill Murray’s goings-on every time he sets foot on this side of the East River feels like a little much—it’s a wonder he ever comes back, really—but from this Times story on a loft building at 475 Kent Avenue, we can extract at least one very nice detail:

“Already home to an admirable stable of established photographers, artists and musicians, [the building] saw the arrival last summer of Mr. Murray, who was shooting a film in Brooklyn with Naomi Watts. A quiet presence, Mr. Murray went on to melt residents’ hearts when he took one of their neighbors, who was dying of liver disease, out for supper at the nearby upscale restaurant, Diner. ‘He was very down to earth, and demure,” said one resident, who did not want to be identified.'”

See? A very nice story, and how we’d all like to think we’d use our money if we found ourselves with sudden wealth and notoriety. If being a decent and engaged human being in Brooklyn while also being famous were in any way a competition, Steve Buscemi would have some competition.

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