Steve Buscemi Continues To Be One Of The Very Best People In Brooklyn

Photo via Trip City
Photo via Trip City

Park Slope resident, former FDNY firefighter, 55th “Greatest Brooklynite of All Time,” and all-around good guy Steve Buscemi continues quietly solidifying his reputation as such, helping out with a bone marrow drive held on Tuesday for the 2-year-old son of Williamsburg firefighter Tim Hogan.

“The firefighting community is my family, so I just met [Tim] and he’s already a brother,” Buscemi told CBS New York. Hogan’s son, Owen, was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, and Buscemi said, “There is a cure but we just need to find the right match. But that’s not going to happen unless people come and donate.” Along with the Friends of Firefighters, Buscemi is encouraging locals to stop by the organization’s Red Hook headquarters to get their cheeks swabbed for a potential match. So there you have it: an easy way you can help out the community, and another reason we can all be proud to call Buscemi one of our own. If you’d like to participate, you can register online and find local donation events here.

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  1. Swabs are especially needed in the South East Asian community. There is a severe dearth of donors! Good for him to set such an example for the community.


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