Bloomberg May Be “Promoting Pot Smoking” Now

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Is the City Council’s just-announced decision to raise New York’s smoking age to 21 a seminal, agenda-setting public health move, or really just a backhanded way to push the city’s teenage population into degenerate, doob-rollin’ life of crime? Obviously the Post thinks it’s the latter.

The problem is, while sales of cigarettes and e-cigarettes will be restricted to the over-21 set, pipes and bongs (“for tobacco use only”) can still be purchased by 18-year-olds. Which, to be fair, does technically mean that 18-20 year olds can buy a bong but not the tobacco they definitely, 100% intended to smoke out of it.  “While young adults won’t be able to legally purchase coffin nails, they’ll still be able to blow their minds with weed,” the Post writes. They found a man on the street to take it a step further: “Basically Bloomberg is promoting pot smoking, if you think about it, by changing cigarette laws and not bong laws,” one construction worker told the paper.

Yep, checks out. Verdict’s in. Bloomberg wants you and your kids to blaze. In honor of his change of heart, a clip from the time the McCarren Pool hosted the Marijuana Music Awards:

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