The 50 Funniest People In Brooklyn

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John Mulaney @mulaney:

John Mulaney taught us about the ways of the world as a talking head on VH1’s pop-culture symposium Best Week Ever, then he taught us about the hippest night spots in New York City as co-creator of Bill Hader’s beloved SNL role, Stefon. We’ll go on record saying that he was one of the best recurring characters the show has seen in recent years. It helped Mulaney rack up a few Emmy nominations for outstanding writing, national standup tours, a second comedy album-DVD (New in Town), and now, with SNL (and Lorne Michaels’ support) behind him, a semiautobiographical TV pilot about an aspiring comedian in New York (insert Seinfeld joke here), originally written for NBC, but wisely salvaged and green-lit by FOX. Martin Short plays his boss, so we’re already laughing. If you’re smart, you’ll catch the golden boy — that’d be Mulaney; Martin is more of a golden-gray — the next time he stops by The Bell House or another Brooklyn haunt.


  1. You forgot Sara Schaefer. She is the fucking greatest. I hope this mistake haunts you for the rest of your yuppie existence.

  2. This list is way too dude-heavy! Are there really so few women in Brooklyn who count as funny enough? The article should be called “The 42 Funniest Men in Brooklyn.” And no, I don’t have a sense of humor about this.

  3. Oh, please. Catie Lazarus is sort of funny, but she’s mostly exhausting with neurotic energy, endlessly complaining about being poor – while wearing designer clothing, traveling around the country, and living on a trust fund, and acting like she’s somehow entitled to earn a living from comedy.

    • So happy Catie Lazarus is on the list! She’s hilarious comedian and writer. Nedster, however, sounds like a bitter, uninformed douche.


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