Dinner and Drinks at 9 Bushwick Restaurants The Michelin Guide Forgot

Image via Brooklyn Vegetarian
Image via Brooklyn Vegetarian

Yesterday, we learned that among other things, the 2014 Michelin Guide comes with an onslaught of new mentions for Bushwick restaurants, with eight local eateries around the Morgan and Jefferson stops represented in the world’s most famous tourist guide. It’s an exciting boon to some local businesses, of course, but also by no means the last word on neighborhood restaurants that are worth going out of your way for. Not by a long shot.

With the area’s crazy boom in eateries over the past couple of years (as well as a few longer-term mainstays), there are a ton of excellent options for just about every taste (and fussy dietary choice), all of which were overlooked by the 2014 guide. Whether they’re just too new or something more sinister is at play here (most likely it’s the former), now seems like a good time to spotlight some worthy local eateries that are still relatively off the beaten path. We’ve even (loosely) decided what you should order, right down to the drinks. Has Michelin ever done that for you?



  1. See, I was really excited to try Mama Joy’s about two weeks ago, but when I called to make a reservation someone told me that they had to scale back to just serving bar type food, because the restaurant style dining cost them too much money. Now I don’t know if I really want to try it. I was excited about having a nice dining experience there, even though they still have the sit down tables, the new menu has turned me off a little


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