Bushwick Now Has A Ton of Michelin-Approved Restaurants

Photo via Well and Good
Photo via Well and Good

Anyone still invested in framing Bushwick as a scrappy outsider in New York’s food scene’ll need a new axe to grind: the 2014 Michelin Guide for New York is out, and includes almost all of Bushwick’s major restaurants, DNAinfo reports.

Falansai, Mominette, Northeast Kingdom, Dear Bushwick, Roberta’s, Blanca, and El Mio Cid all made the cut, and Bushwick Restaurant Week organizer Bob Murray told the site, “Between the Morgan and Jefferson stops we now have eight restaurants in the guide.That’s huge…This is like the be-all-end-all guide for restaurants around the world.” Only Blanca (the fancy, tasting menu-only new venture by the Roberta’s team) actually has a Michelin star, but still, nice to know that some deserving places are on the radar and, presumably, getting their fair share of tourist dollars spent in the neighborhood. No word on why the Dorito noodles were left off the list, though.

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