5 Brooklyn Dive Bars To Get You Through The Loss of Jackie’s 5th Amendment


  • Photo via ynotjetlag/panoramio

Yesterday, we learned that Park Slope’s dingy, perfect decades-old bar Jackie’s 5th Amendment will be closing its doors for good next month. For lack of a more eloquent way to put it, the whole thing is just awful.

It’s not for everyone all the time, but in a bar landscape littered with sweaty crowds and drinks that cost more than an actual, honest-to-god fancy meal, sometimes you just want a place where you can sit in peace and drink something cheap around people who don’t want or expect anything significant from you. And even with the loss of Jackie’s, there are still a few places in Brooklyn that fit that bill. Once the place officially shuts down in September, here’s where you should go to nurse your wounds (and a $2 mug of something watery).


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