Calling Prostitutes From The Brooklyn D.A.’s Office Probably Won’t Get You Fired


  • Photo via PrivateInvestigations

Given the weird, prurient circus surrounding Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner over the past month, Vito Lopez’s continued presence in the State Assembly, and just about everything to do with Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes’ crazily lenient-on-pervs record, it shouldn’t come as too big of a shock to anyone that as a Brooklyn politician, it’s laughably easy to get away with gross (and we do mean gross) sexual misconduct and still hang onto a respectable, high-paying job. But, one more thing to add to the pile: after being caught calling prostitutes from his office phone, Brooklyn prosecutor Mark Posner has been quietly demoted to a less prominent position in D.A.’s office where he’s been working for the past three years, according to the Post. Needless to say, he’s a friend of Charles Hynes.

The son of the late former judge and Hynes ally Charles Posner, the younger Posner was quietly bumped from the rackets bureau to the less-prestigious case-assessment bureau after being caught in a 2009 examination of a prostitution service’s call records. According to one of the Post’s source, “They don’t want to anger the [Orthodox] community by firing Charlie’s kid.”

Officials from the D.A.’s office told the paper that Posner had been suspended for ten days without pay immediately and “ordered to seek counseling,” but declined to comment on why he retained any kind of job whatsoever and wasn’t investigated for any sort of crime. Again, not a surprise—worse things get covered up routinely—just a friendly reminder that if you have any terrible sexual proclivities you’d like swept under the rug, locking down a post in Charles Hynes’ offices seems like a safe way to go.

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