Nobody Calls It “The Ed Koch Bridge”


In 2011, the Queensboro Bridge was officially renamed “The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge,” but that doesn’t mean anybody calls it that. The Wall Street Journal is ON IT: they interviewed people like a Queens resident who told the paper, “What bridge?… The Queensboro Bridge? Because that’s the Queensboro Bridge. Maybe the 59th Street Bridge. I never heard it called the Ed Koch Bridge before.” (Heads up: the paper reports Queens residents think calling it “The 59th Street Bridge” is fucked up.) The name change was controversial: a 2011 poll found 64 percent of New Yorkers opposed the change, as did many politicians. “Name the municipal building beside City Hall after him,” Peter Vallone told the paper recently. “That didn’t have a name already.” Several NYC landmarks have been renamed after politicians in recent years, and they haven’t stuck either.


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