Carroll Gardens Senior Center Overtaken by Toddlers


Lookout Grandma, It’s Tot Playtime

The Eileen Dugan Senior Center at 380 Court Street in Carroll Gardens has been taken over by a national franchise called Kidville. The city-funded senior center couldn’t make the rising rent.

As Brooklyn gets older, on the whole, the nice areas get younger; and as Park Slope extends its stroller-able reach onto its neighbors, the seniors are relegated to the basement. It’s for the kids but it’s still sad news.

Speaking to The Brooklyn Eagle, Assemblywoman Joan said, “There is an elevator [to the basement], and the floor is being redone with a new kitchen.” The senior center will be closed until the alterations are complete. “Not all the seniors are terribly happy,” she went on. “It’s smaller; they’re not happy about that and I don’t blame them.

Until they reopen the seniors will have to go to nearby centers; the Eileen Dugan Center offered lunch, Medicaid case assistance and socializing activities.

Kidville’s corporate site says they host indoor playspace and birthday parties alongside salon and upscale boutiques.


  1. As a parent and long time Carroll Gardens resident I was so sorry to see this development. I did not hear the senior center was in jeopardy & I’m very sorry they were not able to keep the space. Do we really need more fancy stuff for kids in Carroll Gardens?


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