Before Miki Agrawal fought her way through, the ad contractor for the MTA was happy to approve a boob-job poster featuring grapefruits, but not an ad featuring a woman in a turtleneck, full-coverage undies, and a sliced-open grapefruit. That’s because Miki was selling THINX, the period-catching underwear she invented, and periods freak out the patriarchy. That was in 2015 (yeah, not the Middle Ages). Now, thanks to Miki, not only do we have hilarious subway ads, we have magical underwear and our views on grapefruit are forever altered (for the better). This year, Miki’s company is developing a reusable tampon applicator that will keep 7 billion tampon applicators out of landfills. Everyone could benefit, even dudes. That’s hot.
What’s the development process at THINX like?
“Iteration is perfection” is my favorite saying. Whether it comes to developing the product or our THINX brand or our content, we keep learning and improving. We never stay still. It took us almost 3.5 years to develop our underwear because it has to consider so much: i.e. It has to look and feel just like a regular pair of underwear.
What does a day look like? A week?
For me, every week is different. Either I am meeting with my teams in various sectors (creative, marketing, operations, finance) or I am speaking about our company in a new city or I am working on the next phase of growing the business. It’s a mixed bag.
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How will your approach to business change this year, if at all?
I plan to spend more deliberate time making more thoughtful decisions because all decisions count a lot now, and will move a much bigger company in a new direction.
What aspect of your job do you find the most fulfilling? The most challenging?
The most fulfilling and the most challenging together are working with my teams! I also love the fact that I get to be a part of changing conversations and behavior with our innovations in various taboo categories.
In the future, what do you hope changes or improves (or continues!) in your field?
I hope that more women get funded for products that support women.
Are you working on a larger project you’d like to share?
Organic cotton Tampons and our reusable tampon applicator that will divert 7 billion tampon applicators out of landfills…
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Photo by Jane Bruce


  1. “But behind the scenes, many current and former employees paint a picture of dysfunction and hypocrisy, with clashes between Agrawal and key members of her team, employment policies that seem to fly in the face of the company’s women-first messaging, and an increasingly volatile work environment that’s led many of those who were instrumental in creating the brand to tender their resignations. According to several sources, ten people have left the 35-person company since January”



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