Shea Stadium in 2012

It’s been an up-and-down years for fans of Bushwick’s beloved DIY music venue Shea Stadium, as it was temporarily shut down on January 20th, before re-opening on Valentine’s Day, less than a month ago.

Now, though, due to continued pressure and fines that the operators of the space are unable to continue paying and maintaining, the venue has once again shut down. In a Facebook statement, the venue announced it’s (temporary, again) closure. “Though steps are being taken to acquire the necessary permits to secure both the short and long term future of Shea, it’s become increasingly clear that we won’t be able to keep having shows in the meantime,” the note explains. “Continuing to stack up the inevitable, and frankly expensive, fines while having to navigate the vast bureaucracy of NYC is no longer feasible for us.”

Read the entire post from Shea Stadium’s Facebook page below:



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