It’s been way too long since 2012, for a variety of reasons, a prominent one being that’s when the last record from The Shins, their great Port of Morrow, dropped. A lot has happened in that time: frontman James Mercer put out another album with his side project, Broken Bells, which he works on with Danger Mouse, and the entire second term of Barack Obama has come and gone. But this morning some of that joy will be subsided, as the indie/alternative mainstays announced their next album.

Titled Heartworms, the fifth studio album from the New Mexico group will be released wherever music is heard on March 10th. To keep the anticipation building, a new single, “Name for You,” and it’s a blast, bringing to mind all kinds of Shins vibes throughout the years. For many, this could center around Garden State, the 2004 Zach Braff neo-classic that serves as a coming-of-age vehicle for so many. Personally, I reminisce back to 2013, when I saw The Shins outdoors at Williamsburg Park, for what was my 20-year-old self’s first ever show in the borough:

The Shins, parte deux #brooklyn #music

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Look at that! You can tell how old it is by the complete and utter lack of likes and interactions on the photo. What a time. What a time.

Below, check out the awesome new single, “Name for You,” from The Shins, in anticipation of the new album: 


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