Even the most selfish among us must admit: giving to others feels good. But while finding the right sweatshirt for your little brother, or studs for your oldest friend, or juice cleanse for your mom, or vinyl album for your significant other sounds like a thrilling achievement in theory (you watch as their eyes grow wide, they glance up, and love you even more for your thoughtfulness) it’s difficult to pull off. Who knows where to look, or has time to shop, let alone brainstorm for what’s best? Well, we did. In the following pages, find some of the most covet-worthy, helpful, healthful, engaging, cozy, practical, heavenly-scented, and down-right pretty gifts, often sourced or located in Brooklyn, in 12 categories, for every human (and, in one case, cat) on your gift list. Make this holiday season a net-zero affair: give just as many pretty things as you receive—and then enjoy that priceless afterglow that comes with your kindness.


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