What to Get for Everyone: Gifts for The Home

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Handmade Ceramic Diffuser
What better joy than to walk into a good-smelling home? Not many, we say—except if the essential oil has a pretty, Brooklyn made vessel to sit in. morphologically.com, $45

White + Black Domino Mudcloth Pillow Covers
Too many patterns in a home can be hard to work with, but a nice pillow cover is one good way to do it. osxnasozi.com, $100

Handmade mug, perfect for all of your coffee and tea needs
Erin Louise Clancy makes ceramics in Ridgewood with gorgeous and unique glazes, such as this one. 
Visit erinlouiseclancy.com for current availability of handmade ceramics or to inquire about commissioned artwork.erinlouiseclancy.com, price upon request

Candle from Hi Wildflower
HiWildflower makes scented candles to outshine all other scented candles—like Sunrise Fir. You’ll feel you’re deep in nature, amidst the pines, at 7am. hiwildflower.com, $34

Geometry-inspired Penta Church coasters for your drinks
This Brooklyn design firm elevates the coaster into art. lasereyeshop.com, $38

Small antique plates for eating on or just looking at
Eating is even more fun if you do it off of a plate with some serious flare. aandgmerch.com, $44

Custom jewelery holder (with incense insert) 
Gabrielle Miles Silverlight crafts gorgeous ceramics with beautiful, Bauhaus-like glazes with a modern flare. zola-zola.com, $44 



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