Fuck Donald Trump. Most of us have heard a few friends or family members say that this year. Why? Because he’s a racist bigot spewing lies and hatred and sweeping up a good half of the country in his wake–terrifying. But oddly enough, plenty of usually outspoken celebrities have stayed quiet while Trump gains power. Not YG though. His new record Still Brazy is easily one of the best albums of the year (I wish it had been out for more than a year when I put together our Best Albums so far list, after spending more time listening it is now in my personal top ten albums of the year.) But aside from creating a triumphant, politically-charged album, he’s also one of the few rappers this year to go explicitly and literally on record about the fact that he doesn’t fuck with Donald Trump.

On Still Brazy Nipsey Hussle and YG team up for the track “FDT”–an acronym for “Fuck Donald Trump.” Today YG has taken that message a step further by releasing a brief political ad/video hybrid of his own to accompany it. You can watch it below courtesy of the good at Genius, it’s basically a supercut of every outrageous, volatile, offensive and straight up racist thing Donald Trump has said and done during his run at the oval office. All interspersed with clips of the YG speaking lyrics from the song that calls Trump out on his bullshit. Kudos for this YG–it’s bigger than rap, and yet, speaking truth to power is exactly what the genre is supposed to stand for. Watch below.

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with YG’s narrative, please read the excellent Spin cover story that Rebecca Haithcoat wrote prior to the album’s release–it’s the best and most comprehensive thing written about him so far and doubles as a masterclass in profile writing.


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