Wet Make Despair Sound Iridescent On “It’s All In Vain”

Wet All In VainSelf-deprecating synthpop trio Wet have roots in Brooklyn, even if they decamped to Massachusetts to record their full-length album Don’t You, which is out 1/29 on Columbia Records. The latest off that record is “It’s All In Vain” which they released via their Tumblr today. It’s a song about doubting whether or not someone actually loves you, and as usual, Kelly Zutrau’s voice cuts to the core. Wet make the soul-destroying force of insecurity sound like a relatable, gorgeous thing. Only they could do that. This new song follows up the previously released “Losing All We Knew,” “Weak,” and “Deadweater.”

Don’t You is out 1/29 via Columbia.


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