Wet Release Spacey B-Side “Losing All We Knew”

wet all we ever knewWet are a Massachusetts-based sad-pop synth trio who make songs about how love destroys us. Somehow, these tracks often have the opposite effect, and work like a graceful, sweeping salve instead. Kelly Zutrau’s perfectly broken, slurry voice has a lot to do with this, and her vocals are front and center on their latest, “Losing All We Knew.” A lot of their songs lean toward funk or R&B in their rhythms, but this one is spacey and slow in a way that reminds me of “Wish You Were Here,” a song that’s certainly a kindred spirit, emotionally. “Losing All We Knew” is the B-side to the previously released “Weak,” and they’re both available as a 7-inch. Their full-length Don’t You is slated for release early next year. Listen to “Losing All We Knew” and “Weak” below.


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