Live in a Converted Dumpster in Williamsburg for Just $1,200/Month

Williamsburg dumpster apartment
The shortage of affordable apartments in Brooklyn is nothing new, nor is the conversation on how difficult it is to find a reasonable place to live. And while some living arrangements verge on ridiculous, we think that maybe it’s time we consider some other viable dwellings that are never a scarcity in New York: The dumpster.

A Craigslist ad posted on Wednesday is looking for a “hipster type” tenant for an “art deco hipster retro mini apt” in Williamsburg that was once a dumpster for $1200 per month, or $200 a night if you’re in-between places. While the idea of living in a trash can might be considered hitting rock bottom, the trash can comes fully furnished—a bar, sink, stove, and toilet inside, and a shower, barbecue, mini-bar, deck, and a retractable roof with windows on the outside—which is more than most real estate listings can offer. And though we would love to brush this off as a joke, you never know here, do you? We’re going to assume this listing is 100 percent serious. Any takers?


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