Our New Favorite Breakfast Sandwich Is… Not a Sandwich

A crepe from the Fox and the Crepes
A Fort Hamilton crêpe from the Fox and the Crêpes

We here at bkmag dot com take our breakfast sandwiches—and our breakfasts, in general—very seriously. This doesn’t mean we’re purists who won’t venture beyond the bacon-egg-and-cheese, but it does mean that if we’re going to stray from that classic, it had better be worth it.

And now, luckily for residents of Windsor Terrace, there’s a new breakfast (and lunch and dinner) option in the neighborhood, The Fox and the Crêpes, which offers a variety of sweet and savory options, including our quick favorite breakfast sandwich alternative, the Fort Hamilton. This crepe features salty ham, pungent gruyère, and a runny-yolked fried egg, all wrapped up in a yolk-absorbing, light yet crispy crêpe. The ultimate transitory breakfast option, these crêpes come in handy cardboard cones, making them easily as portable as what you’d get at the corner deli. Also on offer is Intelligentsia coffee and espresso because Brooklyn can not run in the morning on crêpes alone.

1233 Prospect Avenue, Windsor Terrace


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