Twin Peaks Reboot Filmed Today at Grand Prospect Hall

screen shot via Twitter
screen shot via Twitter

If you noticed a swarm of grey clouds and dark, mysterious vibes encircling the air near Grand Prospect Hall today, it’s probably because David Lynch was filming his reboot of Twin Peaks in the local banquet venue. 

Apparently, the grounds at Grand Prospect Hall have been under siege with film crews all day. Owner Michael Halkias told DNAInfo: “we are under total occupation.”

Lynch had some contractual disputes with premium cable network Showtime earlier in the year, but the situation was rectified last May. Lynch’s new agreement with Showtime has him directing nine new episodes of the show, which for fans of the campy mystery series, sounds like a weird old friend coming home after a long vacation.

Lynch isn’t the only famed director currently making the rounds in Brooklyn. In addition to refashioning old landmarks in Coney Island in the vein of their storied past, Martin Scorsese recently draped Williamsburg in a disco-chic that will be hard to erase from our memories.

The new edition of Twin Peaks is set to air “some time in 2017,” co-creator Mark Frost told Vulture last month. But given David Lynch’s propensity for quitting projects when they’re not completely to his liking, it shouldn’t be a surprise if this one stays vaulted for longer than we’d like.

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