Martin Scorsese Has Been Filming in Coney Island

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The new HBO series Vinyl, which is being co-produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, has been filming all over New York City, from Midtown to Williamsburg. Yesterday however, film crews were spotted transforming Coney Island into a 1970s summertime haven, replete with all the big Chryslers and goofy signage straight from the era.

Vinyl is a cocaine covered look at the wildest years of New York’s record industry, when punk and glam were just breaking out of their small niches. It follows protagonist Richie Finestra, played by Bobby Cannavale, as he tries to breathe life into his dying record label. In the trailer for the show, which was recently released by HBO, we see a 1970s underbelly where amps were loud, drugs were plentiful and where fistfights settled alcohol-soaked disputes.

The New York Dolls also guest star:

As for what Scorsese, Jagger and creator Terrance Winter were up to in Coney Island (maybe eating soft-served ice cream?), we really only have a couple eyewitness accounts to go by:

Looks like #scorcese is in #coneyisland tonight shooting #vinyl

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While we’re not sure exactly how much of the boardwalk was shut down or affected, we’re certainly psyched for the show, which premieres next year.

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