UPDATE: Williamsburg Air Now Selling For $20K On Ebay

Photo: Ebay
Photo: Ebay

Remember that plastic bag inflated with air from the streets of Williamsburg that’s been selling on Ebay? Its modest asking price of $39.99 has been hit with a maelstrom of ironic bids over the last two days, and it’s now being hawked for the handsome sum of $20,100.00. God bless meaningless virtual bidding. God bless capitalism!

Looking at the bid history, you can see that user m**j has been throwing around prospective funds willy-nilly, although a few other bidders think they’ve got the cash-flow to win the item.

The bidders are probably thinking of all they can do with this literal bag of hot air! Think about it yourself: You could pop it! Huff it! Or maybe even sell it to an art collector for an even more outrageous sum of money.

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted as the bidding-war escalates. If you’re interested in dipping into your savings account, or pilfering through your dad’s sock drawer, you have until Monday to place a bid of your own.

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