Reminder: G Train Will Suck Even Worse Starting Friday

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It was way back in March when we warned you about the G train’s plan to ruin your summer, at which point we’re assuming the only part you understood was SUMMER?! WHAT? WHERE?! Well, summer is here, and with it, a whole lot of really, really annoyingpotentially scary but mostly just weird, and unbelievably terrible news, the only solace being the relatively mild temperatures we’ve experienced thus far. The G train’s “service changes,” which will close the Greenpoint Ave, 21st St and Court Sq stations for five weeks starting this Friday night, will be the cherry on top of a truly strange and frustrating summer.

Since it warrants repetition, starting Friday, July 25 at 10:30pm and continuing (on both weekends and weekdays) through Tuesday, September 2 at 5am, there will be no G trains running from Court Sq to Nassau Ave; instead, the G train will be replaced by free “shuttle busses,” (here’s a map of all the stops) which are just regular busses and not like the kind of shuttle you take to the airport. To repeat: If you’re coming from the south, you can ride the G just fine until Nassau Ave, after which you will have to take a shuttle bus regular bus, for free.

Busses aren’t your only option, however—last week, we found out that the East River Ferry will return in time for the G train to start sucking, so that’s something? There’ll also be free out-of-train transfers between the Broadway G stop and the Lorimer St J and M stop, via DNAinfo.

We suggest meeting up with your Greenpoint and LIC friends this week, because you probably won’t be seeing them for a while. As for Greenpointers, uh, we hear there are a lot of really great critically acclaimed hour-long dramas out now?

And finally, in honor of the G’s increased level of suck, here are @FakeMTA‘s best G train–related tweets:

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