Conspiracy Theories about the Brooklyn Bridge White Flags Abound


You may have heard: Some unknown person or persons replaced the American flags flying on the Brooklyn Bridge with white ones. More accurately, American flags either painted over with white paint or bleached.  This has understandably raised concern from New Yorkers about the safety of the bridges, apparently vulnerable enough that people could, under police’s noses, switch the flags under cover of night. The white flags have since been taken down. Confusion about the incident reigns. But why? Here are some theories/ the most frequent jokes about the incident you will see on Twitter.

1. It is an act of surrender by either Manhattan to Brooklyn or Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is not into that theory, though

2. It’s an art piece about gentrification and/or hipsters.

3. It’s call to end the Gaza conflict.

4. Dido did it.

5. Jasper Johns did it.

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