Brooklyn Borough President Offering Reward For Capture Of White Flag ‘Terrorists’

Image: James Keivom/NY Daily News

Now, we’re all for a bit of conspiracy theorizing, but it seems that the situation surrounding yesterday’s white flag incident is getting exceedingly intense. Last night, Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams announced that he’s now offering $5,000 for any information leading to the capture of the white flag “terrorists.”

President Adams has been rallying behind the terrorism angle ever since news of the white flags broke, tweeting the following shortly after the flags were removed:

A few hours later, the BP announced that he will gladly shell the aforementioned reward out of his own pocket for “information leading to the arrest” of the perpetrators. Meanwhile, the NYPD is keeping its cool. At a press conference yesterday, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence John Miller dismissed theories that the act was related to terrorism or politics. Instead, the NYPD is investigating an “insider angle,” following the discovery that the perpetrators brought along perfectly-sized aluminum pans to cover the bridge lights while they traded out the flags around 3:30 am.

If someone is ever caught, they could be charged with “criminal trespass, malicious mischief, [and] reckless endangerment,” according to Gothamist

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