Time to Play Everyone’s Favorite Real Estate Game: Brooklyn or Miami?

Time to Play Everyone's Favorite Real Estate Game: Brooklyn or Miami?
You’d think this was Miami, but you’d be wrong.
photo c/o Douglas Elliman

We’ve gone on record with what homes we think are the most beautiful in Brooklyn. And we’ve also gone on record with what we think is one of the ugliest of homes in Brooklyn. But today we came across a Brooklyn home in the New York Daily News that can be classified under a new superlative—the most Miami-esque home in Brooklyn. 

Via the News, we learned that this Manhattan Beach “Miami-style compound” is just now hitting the real estate market for a cool $8 million after undergoing extensive renovations following Hurricane Sandy. The estate features the 17,000-square-foot house, “an infinity pool, a Miami-style cabana, a gazebo and a full bar and barbeque.” You can even see the Jersey Shore on a clear day. (So, hope for clouds? Hard to say.) And if you’re worried about residual storm damage, don’t be, because Douglas Elliman broker Ariel Tirosh assures the News that the house is “a fortress now” and “more resilient than ever, with new storm-proof doors and a waterfront storm barrier installed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

Clearly, the whole “Miami in Brooklyn” is a selling point for some and not for others (we can’t be alone in thinking this aesthetic flies pretty directly in the face of normcore or old lady dressing, right?), but it also had us wondering if this was the only house in Brooklyn that could be described as Miami-esque. And while it’s definitely not (there are, as it turns out, plenty of other homes along Manhattan Beach‘s West End Avenue that evoke the Golden Girls), none scream “Miami” quite as loudly as the one profiled in the News. So if you have $8 million to spend and you want to live way far out in Brooklyn in an area with subpar public schools, you do you. But! If you have another $2.5 million lying around, Bay Ridge’s historic Arts and Crafts masterpiece, “The Gingerbread House,” is also for sale (pictured below) and seems like a much better deal due to being, well, a far nicer house in a neighborhood with one of the strongest senses of community in all of New York City. Happy house fantasizing hunting, everyone!

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photo via Corcoran


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