The 25 Best Houses in Brooklyn: A Highly Subjective List


While Manhattan might have a monopoly on skyscrapers and breathtaking towers, Brooklyn has long been known as “the borough of homes” because of the gorgeous houses that fill its neighborhoods. Sure, in stature these homes might be humble, but their architectural beauty is unparalleled. These are some of our favorite examples of Brooklyn houses, the ones into which we fantasize about one day moving, thus fulfilling our greatest real estate fantasies, namely, making one of these houses into our home. Until then, we’ll just have to admire from afar. 


  1. Fabulous finds in Brooklyn. Great diversity of homes indeed. I live in the suburban fantasy house in Park Slope that you have posted. It is a delight to see that others enjoy looking at our home. People usually stop by and like to chat about the house. Thanks for the kudos.

  2. This list is great but should also mention some of beautiful homes designed after 1900. Take the Merz masterpieces on Willow Place — 48 and 40 Willow Place for example. Some great buildings have been designed after 1900!


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