That Drink Menu “For Ladies” Was A Joke, You Guys

That Drink Menu "For Ladies" Was A Joke, You Guys
Cool your jets, bro.

It’s the age-old story of the Clinton Hill restaurant who attempts a weak joke and then the Internet freaks out. Wait, what?

DNAinfo scooped the story on Los Pollitos III’s new bar menu, which categorized the drinks into a few categories, including “For Kids (No Alcohol),” “For Ladies (Light Alcohol),” “For Every One (Alcohol),” and “For Men (Extra Alcohol).” Under the ladies’ section was, as expected, items like wine, Kahlua & cream, and—ugh—Alizé. To be fair, however, there were similarly fruity, typically girly drinks labeled for men, like Blue Agave and a Tequila Cadilac.

Anyway, the whole thing was a joke, if certainly not a superb one. Los Pollitos III’s manager Marcos Merino said, “The idea was to make people laugh. People get excited about the menu and have fun with it,” adding, “Anyone can order anything.”

This, of course, didn’t stop local blogs and even a few national sites from picking it up and freaking out. “One Clinton Hill Mexican joint thinks ladies need to pace themselves with their own watered-down drink menu, featuring less potent beverages. Is this 1903?” asked Gothamist, while Jezebel’s article leads with “Can’t handle your booze, ladies? (Of course you can’t.) Then Brooklyn’s Los Politos III restaurant has a paternalistic hand on your back.”

Twitter, too, lasting bastion of the outraged, fed the fire:

And yo, listen, as a card-carrying member of the Third-and-a-Half Wave Feminist Movement (I’m a blogger who writes about The Bachelorette, aren’t I?), I share the (usually good) instinct to criticize anything that feels even remotely gendered. But should our anger really be directed at one, tiny Clinton Hill Mexican restaurant, who, from the looks of it, probably can’t handle too much more bad press? I say, we would all be far better off closing our laptops and indulging in a very, very strong margarita. Hell, we women could use it.

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  1. YES!!! And thank you. Media really has it going on but in a really bad way. I really can’t believe a good time and day would be ruined unreasonably by truthfully untold stories. I’ve been coming to this restaurant for a while and I have nothing but good things to say. I’ve seen this drink menu countless of times and little did it ever crossed my mind any of this ! Guys please I beg if you, that if you want a story to be known worldwide please let it be something that matters!!! The war we are going through! The starvation our kids are going through! The poverty are going through! I’m a woman and I (trust me) understand stop with this feminist nonsense! In what day and age are we to think this way??!


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