An F Train Switched To The G Line Without Warning Today

We didn’t want to be the first to say it, but we think the F train is in need of an intervention. It seems to be losing its grip on reality.

This morning, commuters were surprised when their Manhattan-bound F train suddenly switched over to the G line–without any warning whatsoever.

As many of you know, the F train is having a really tough time right now. After last week’s non-fatal derailment and the news that it’s the subway system’s most delayed train, we didn’t think the line could sink any lower, but, apparently, we were completely wrong.

Brooklyn Brief picked up the story: According to passengers, they were chugging along, girding themselves for another day of work, when the train arrived in the Fulton Street station and then kept going north. Most passengers assumed the train had missed its switch.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Brief reached out to the MTA for explanation. Here’s what they had to say:

As a result of signal trouble earlier today, we had to reroute some northbound “M” service via the “F” line from 47/50th to Roosevelt Avenue. To help alleviate congestion, we also rerouted three northbound “F” trains via the “G” line from Bergen Street, as they sometimes are.  For each reroute, we advised the crews of the change to service via the radio, they acknowledged and announcements were made both on board the trains and in the stations, over the public address system, but we’ve heard reports that at least one train did not announce the change.  We will investigate further.

Okay, we get that. These things happen. But still, you have to feel for the people who were on that one rogue train. Here’s a few of their tweets:

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