Next Week: No G Train Service Between Bedford-Nostrand And Church Avenue

For once, Greenpoint isn’t getting directly screwed by the G train, but Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, Downtown Brooklyn and any Greenpointers who regularly visit those neighborhoods are. So, Greenpoint is getting indirectly screwed, we guess.

According to the MTA, the G train is getting Fasttracked next week and from Monday, May 12 to Friday, May 16, there will be no trains running between Bedford-Nostrand and Church Avenue from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Those who live between Bergen Street and Church Avenue will be just fine, since you have the super reliable F train to shuttle you home, but those who use the stops between Bedford-Nostrand and Hoyt-Schermerhorn won’t be so lucky.

Worry not, though, the MTA has arranged for shuttles to carry those affected by the change from point A to point B. Meanwhile, you Greenpointers should count your blessings while you still have them.

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