Coming Soon To Williamsburg: A Wine Bar, San Loco, Urgent Care And… A Fancy Fro-Yo Shop

Coming Soon To Williamsburg: A Wine Bar, San Loco, Urgent Care And... A Fancy Fro-Yo Shop
(image via Bedford + Bowery)

On top of an artisanal cheese shop that’s—wait for it—vegan, Willy B will also soon be home to a few new additions in the Marbleworks Lofts at the corner of Metropolitan and Driggs, including a mostly organic European wine bar, an Urgent Care center and the relocated San Loco, which is moving from its current home at N. 4th St. Oh, and did we mention even more artisanal dairy products? Next week, Van Dohlens organic self-serve nonfat, old-timey frozen yogurt shop (perhaps “shoppe” is appropriate here?) will open at Bedford Ave between N. 10th and 11th Sts.

Lest you mistake Van Dohlens for your average Pinkberry or 16 Handles, be forewarned: This ain’t like any fro-yo shop you’re used to, which, as Bedford + Bowery put it, “resembles the a cramped cabin of a lo-tech spaceship.” What is this, 2012?! No, Van Dohlens is the anti-spaceship, with black-and-white tiling, a chalkboard menu, a tin ceiling, striped wallpaper and exposed brick. Folks will be able to serve themselves one of 14 rotating flavors and 30 toppings, or opt for Belgian waffles and coffee courtesy of Brooklyn Roasting Company.

As for the wine bar, it’s called Sort Of, and it’s only Sort Of a wine bar–they’ll also have liquor, beer and charcuterie. Sort Of will Almost Definitely be open by the end of this month, while Urgent Medical Care Northern is expected to open in July.

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