Judge Rules In Favor Of Jay-Z In Nets Trademark Case

Judge Rules In Favor Of Jay-Z In Nets Trademark Case
Image: BET.com

If you follow all things Jay Z, then you know that he’s recently been embroiled in what we’ll loosely call a “legal battle” for the last few weeks following accusations from a local man named Ambassador Dr. François de Cassagnol that Jay Z and the Nets stole the name “Brooklyn Nets,” which he claims to have created. What’s more, the man made a whole website about it. Apparently, De Cassagnol (or someone representing him) marched into Jay Z’s 40/40 Club and served some random employee with the legal papers. The rapper never saw the papers or he ignored them and this week, a judge ruled that whatever the case, Mr. Carter wasn’t at fault. Radar Online shared the news that the judge cleared the rapper because De Cassagnol “provides no support for his claim that [the employee] is authorized to accept service on [Jay Z’s] behalf” and the defendants “maintain that Carter was improperly served.” In response, the NBA and businessman Bruce Ratner, who were also named in the original suit, have filed a request to have the good doctor’s complaint dismissed. Jay Z has yet to join them in that move, but then again, he’s too busy hanging out with his awesome wife and sister-in-law to worry about such petty affairs. Follow Nikita Richardson on Twitter @nikitarbk


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