Update: Vice Is Moving Because They’re Losing Their Old Office

vice losing office real estate

Last week, we shared the news (via Bedford + Bowery) that mega media company, Vice, was hacking into the old Beacon’s Closet space to make more room for their growing staff, but apparently, that’s not the whole story.

According to The Real DealVice and all its media-savvy employees are moving because they’re getting booted from their current space at 90 North 11th Street. Why? To make way for a shiny, new “12-story, 100,000-square-foot retail-and-office building.”

Pause for a collective, “Ugh.”

Yes, a new building, courtesy of Cayuga Capital Management, will soon dwarf the Wythe Hotel and change the landscape of that corner of Williamsburg.  “The Wythe [Hotel] really kicked it all off,” Cayuga principal Jamie Wiseman told The Real Deal, adding that the company may lease space to Vice once the new complex is built.

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