Update: Park Slope’s No-Longer-Pink Pink House Sold For An Obscene Amount of Money


One last update in the long saga of Park Slope’s beloved, controversial former “Pink House” (or “Pinkstone,” if you’d rather): after being bought up, elaborately renovated, re-painted a disappointing shade of brown, and languishing on the market for double the price it’d been bought for in 2012, it appears the place has found a buyer, and sold at its new, lower (!) price of $4.5 million.

Curbed reports that the building finally sold after a recent switch to broker Frederik Eklund, who posted a chipper update about the mega-deal on Instagram:

“SOLD! This one is extra fun because it’s a record for a Park Slope townhouse at $4.45M, AND we – a Manhattan team – took over when the local brokers couldn’t get it done. Also, this is the most famous house in Brooklyn as it was painted pink (named Pinkstone by the press) and had tourists from all over the world come and take photos of it. And lastly, it’s an episode on MDLNY Season three.”

Which is perhaps a touch exaggerated. Curbed notes that the sale doesn’t actually seem to be a record, and it might be a stretch to call this “the most famous house in Brooklyn,” and it’s questionable how good a thing it is that a Manhattan firm managed to swoop in and command an outrageous price on a home that’d not only been flipped, but stripped of its main quirky, identifying detail. But, here we are! If you happen to own a house that you feel like painting a jarring color out of solidarity, we’d encourage you to do so.

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